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We owe the motivation for developing this portal ‘Vigyangranth- the Indian Research Scholars Science Stream (IRSS)’ to the suggestion of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India who, while Presiding the Society Meeting of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on February 14, 2020, emphasized the need and significance of a databank of researchers pursuing Ph.D. in the country and of a Portal reflecting research work and topics directly relevant to national problems, needs and demands. Accordingly, the initiative was taken up to create this portal (www. as a window of exposition of the research work of Indian research scholars to the public with its analytics in the perspectives of relevance to society and the nation as well as global impact. .


IRSS is a joint initiative of Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, India (AcSIR) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India (CSIR) to give a holistic view of research directions and works initiated and carried out by Indian research scholars in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with respect to their relevance to (i) Broad Heads of Research (targets for societal needs), (ii) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by United Nations, (iii) National Thrust Areas of Research, (iv) Disciplines, in addition to value of the contributions as deep discoveries in science and frontline advancements in technological space. These analytics on the research work embodied in completed doctoral theses and being endeavored under ongoing doctoral theses of India are unique attribute of this PhD Theses Portal under the name ‘vigyangranth’. It offers enormous opportunities to the researchers as well as public in general with respect to their awareness, development of thoughts, and translation scopes for initiatives of strengthening structured research platforms as well as crowd inspired innovations by the stakeholders. It is expected to offer the advantages of evolving student level research projects as well as options of adopting calibrated redundancy in the research plans. It will also progressively reflect how different broad thrust areas of Societal, National, and Global needs are on active notes of research in comparative and quantitative aspects by research scholars. The menu ‘My Thesis for My Country’ of this portal offers, to the contributing researchers, an opportunity to express their doctoral research work in a short video/ audio clipping (in English along with additional option of also stating itdesired in Hindi or local Indian language/dilect) for the understanding of people of the country. Utility of the portal as a networking platform for doctoral researchers across disciplines and commonality of addressing societal needs is also of immense significance. We seek the contribution and cooperation of everyone relevant to this endeavor of AcSIR and CSIR to serve the above objectives and interests in always growing (by scale as well as significance) mode for the benefit of the nation and the humanity. जय हिन्द, जय भारत

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